The Writers' Room

By Michael Shannon

Director: Richard Lavery

Production Company: Accidental Theatre

Once a week, four very different writers meet up to rip apart each others work. Kirk can't quit setting his stories in space. Sweet M.T.'s one-woman show is missing a good monologue. Ryan hasn't the guts to confront life on or off the page. And Beth is desperately searching for an ending.

Today when they arrive for their meeting a script is sitting on the table waiting for them. It's called 'The Writers' Room'. It's about four writers, has a dead body and not many pages left.

Produced by Accidental Theatre as a small scale touring show it went from the Belfast Fringe to the Camden Fringe in 2011, including additional runs in London and Belfast.

Cast: Katy Campalani, Matt Faris, Aisling Groves-McKeown and Dan Leith

Designer: Rachel Szmukler

Sound Designer: Martin Byrne